Kamishibai Japanese Paper Theater

Cultural, Visual Arts

This video will allow viewers to enjoy the world of Kamishibai (Japanese Paper Theaters). Danial Roy will provide information on Kamishibai and its history as well as its connection to Anime and Manga.

Starting in the 1920s each Saturday morning would find the children of Japan running to the local parks to hear the Kamishibaiya tell funny and heroic stories. The first comic book hero, Golden Bat (Ogon Bat) was born of this tradition.

After 15 years of storytelling, Middle eastern Asian drumming, and Chinese lion dance, Danial Roy was introduced to the Kamishibai. In his video, he will share all he has learned on his journey and to share the traditions of the Kamishibaiya. He is a member of the Kansas City Taiko group Three Trails Taiko and has performed Kamishibai at our festival several times. He is a very dynamic presenter!


Because we cannot have a physical festival, we are offering this virtual festival free to the community! Please consider placing a donation to the Greater Kansas City Japan Festival in place of admission this year.