Japanese Bazaar & Vendors

Ladies purchasing kimono

Japan Festival Bazaar

You can shop for unique Japanese crafts, Kimono, yukata, happi coats, kokeshi dolls, games, books, Japanese serving ware, ceramics (sake sets and tea sets) and much more.

Participating organizations are the following:





Bazaar Vendors

Japanese snacks, candies, and soda, Japanese pop culture merchandise, Anime-related items (Totoro, Pokemon, etc.)
Fusion Art Room
Mixed media, ink paintings, wheel thrown pottery
Artist made embroidered textiles that are anime related. Towels, tote bags, blankets, key chaines.
Ohio Kimono
Kimono, Obi, Kanzashi, Haori, and more.
Yuri Iijima
Original art work (paintings), watercolor painting on shikishi, obi, kimono, other textiles
Yukari Nakano
Japanese Calligraphy



Heart of America Japan America Society
Japanese crafts, china, clothing, books, dolls, etc.

Independence Japanese Sister City
Japanese Art, dishes, clothing etc.

Kansas City Japanese School
“Our mission is to provide cultural experiences that enable children from grade K through 9 to acquire a foundation of skills to become productive global citizens.”