Kendo Demonstration by Kansas City Kendo Club

Martial Arts Demonstrations

2:30 pm–5:40 pm • Polsky Theatre

Learn about these martial arts and see experts demonstrate the art. Martial arts workshops can be viewed on the workshops page.

Noon // Japanese Karate Academy – Misogi Ryu – John Hileman
2:30 pm // Martial Arts Demonstrations — Introduction — John Drakey
2:35 pm // Jinmukan Japanese Sword School – Kenjutsu – Charlie Williams
2:55 pm // Kansas City Kendo Club – Kendo – John Drakey
3:20 pm // Aikijuku Dojo – Aikido – Neil Segal
3:40 pm // Tessenjutsu — Martial Arts Fan — Lori Bushner
4:00 pm // Aikido — William Perkins
4:20 pm // Karate – Japan Karate-Do Ryobu-Kai – Fabio Rodriquez
4:40 pm // Japanese Karate Academy – Misogi Ryu – John Hileman
5:05 pm // Tosa No Shugyo Dojo – Sōjutsu – Tora Lawson
5:35 pm // Closing and Thanks — John Drakey

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony Demonstration – Omote Senke

Yoko Hiraoka

Noon–1:00 pm • Polsky Theatre

Attendees at the 2022 GKC Japan Festival will have the opportunity to witness, and several attendees will have the opportunity to participate in, a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. The Tea Master who will perform this beautiful and special ceremony is Ms. Yoko Hiraoka who is a native of Kyoto, Japan and who currently resides in Colorado. Ms. Hiraoko will perform the Tea Ceremony dressed in a formal Kimono. Attendees will all have the opportunity to learn about the history and practice of the Tea Ceremony.

This is a special opportunity to see the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony performed by a Japanese Tea Master whose training started in Kyoto as a young child.

Yoko Hiraoka, a native of Japan, began her study of the Japanese Tea Ceremony at the age of 14 in the Ura-senke style, later moving to the Omote-senke tradition in Kyoto Japan. Her core training took place in Shõgaku-ji Temple in Hyogo prefecture. She is an Omote-senke licensed teacher with the tea name: ‘Sôrei’, meaning ‘Clear Awareness’.

She now teaches tea from her home in Colorado where she has a traditional tea garden and teahouse named ‘Busshin-an’ (House of Buddha’s Heart). She is also a senior master performer/teacher of classical Koto, Biwa, Shamisen music.

Kimono Demonstration -- Presenters: Sachie and Miyako

Kimono Demonstration

Sachie Stroder and Miyako Fraley

2:30–3:30 pm • Recital Hall

Learn from Mrs. Stroder and Ms. Fraley all about traditional Japanese Kimono and Yukata. Also, you will be able to see them demonstrate what is involved in putting on a Kimono or Yukata. They will show a wedding kimono, a two pieces casual kimono and a men’s kimono.

The Japanese Kimono is deeply integrated into Japanese history and culture. After a decline in popularity following the Meiji Restoration and WWII, the kimono is now making a resurgence in popularity in Japan and around the world. While dressing their models, Mrs. Stroder and Mrs. Fraley will provide instruction and interesting details about how to wear the kimono.

Both Sachie and Miyako have been JAS members for over 40 years and make many presentations on the Japanese culture and serve as outreach presenters on many Japanese topics.