Origami Workshop

Cultural, Visual Arts

This video will teach viewers how to fold and build the simple – but impressive – Sonobe cube. No complicated squash, rabbit ear, or petal folds involved! This is for rank beginners whose origami skills don’t extend much past folding a receipt in half or dog-earing a page in a book.

Unit, or modular, origami, involves folding identical pieces that are eventually put together to become one figure. Perfect as a team-building exercise! Bring a partner with you – or make a new friend during the session.

Our presenter is a local high school teacher with an interest in origami. She has taught origami at our Greater Kansas City Japan Festival for a number of years. 


Because we cannot have a physical festival, we are offering this virtual festival free to the community! Please consider placing a donation to the Greater Kansas City Japan Festival in place of admission this year.