Japanese Candy Artist

Miyuki Creating Candy ArtMiyuki Sugimori is one of the only women trained in Ame Zaiku (Japanese Candy Art), a candy artistry dating back 250 years to the Edo period. There are only 15 formally trained Ame Zaiku artists in the world. Miyuki began her apprenticeship in 1989 under her grandfather Mr. Kinura. After completing her training and becoming an independent candy artist, she has traveled extensively in Japan and Europe to demonstrate her artistic creation of the candy arts at conventions, local festivals, and private parties. She also regularly performs at Epcot, the second theme park built at Walt Disney World.


She is the only female professional who can skillfully shape candy material into flowers and animals by blowing air into it. Ms. Sugimori then finishes the candy by shaping it with her fingers and scissors and colors her creations with edible dye. She is a favorite at Japan festivals.

Miyuki takes various colors of warm taffy and creates the fastest and most ornate sculptures in minutes right in front of you. She then paints them for added character and realism. The number of animals, both land, aquatic, plus creatures of fantasy she can sculpt is astounding.