Presented by Motaku.

  • All entrants will be required to fill out a cosplay registration form, and must be a registered festival attendee.
  • If you wish to enter as a group, all entrants(maximum of 4) must be listed, and must sign the form.
  • Any entrants under the age of 16 must have a parent/guardian sign their entry form, and any entrants under the age of 10 must have a parent/guardian escort back stage.

Cosplay registration forms will be available at the cosplay registration table in Carlsen Center Room 325

Registration will be open from 10:00AM to 4:00PM. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS TIME. This allows us time to organize the entries and minimize chaos and confusion.

Costume Requirements

Japan Festival is by its nature centered on Japanese Culture. Therefore we do require all cosplay entries be related to Japanese Culture. However, the cosplay contest is not only for cosplay. All anime, manga, and Japanese video game characters(final fantasy, etc) are welcome, as is any Japanese fashion such as lolita or visual kei.

Due to the family friendly nature of Japan Festival, all costumes MUST cover necessary body parts. If it shows more than you would wear at a public swimming pool, alter it appropriately. Simulated nudity is unacceptable, this includes crossplay.

Green Room:
Entrants MUST gather in the Polsky Theater at a specified time that will be posted once confirmed. Failure to show up will result in disqualification. This allows us time to run through any information, look at the stage, and get lined up. Be there ON TIME and ready to go, please eat/drink/use the restroom before showing up.

Our judges will decide on 3 winners for the contest, who will receive prizes.

Additional Rules

  1. A maximum of 1 cosplay outfit will be allowed per entrant.
  2. All costumes must be completed before you register for the contest.
  3. All costumes must be primarily self-made. Costumes may be made by one person and modeled by another.
  4. All weapons/props must follow the general festival rules and weapons policy. No real weapons may be used, only props.
  5. No fighting. Any physical fights or loud/disturbing verbal fights will get you disqualified and removed from the festival.
  6. Motaku and Festival staff may enter a costume if they would like, but will not be eligible to win in the competition.
  7. Staff may take photography/videography of the contest. By participating and signing your entry form you agree to be photographed and videotaped.
  8. Shoes are required on the stage. Even if your character goes without them, you MUST wear them.
  9. Safety First!
    1. No throwing objects on stage or into the audience.
    2. No leaving objects on the stage.
    3. No flames or smoke effects.
    4. No jumping off the stage.
    5. No running on stage.
  10. Please DO NOT surprise the cosplay staff. Feel free to surprise the audience, but please speak to the cosplay staff at Cosplay Registration to notify us of any unusual requests.