Aikido Demonstration

Martial Arts

Dr. Neil Segal owns the Aikijuku Dojo where he teaches students of all ages Aikido. His studio is also used by other local martial arts groups and Three Trails Taiko.

Dr. Segal used his young Aikido students and then used his adult Aikido students in his video. The two groups of his students were videotaped separately.

Aikido is a martial art, which teaches one to flow with natural energy, allowing conflict to be managed in such a way as to bring about the restoration of harmony. This is accomplished in three phases: Immobilization / Off-balancing to prevent an attacker from advancing; Control by leading an attacker in a safer direction; and, the Restoration of Harmony by working together with the attacker to the point where he/she is no longer a threat. This may only be accomplished if one maintains his/her own balance throughout the conflict.


Because we cannot have a physical festival, we are offering this virtual festival free to the community! Please consider placing a donation to the Greater Kansas City Japan Festival in place of admission this year.