Yokai & Japanese Folklore

26th Annual • 2024

Sat, October 5th

Johnson County Community College

2024 Theme: Yōkai & Japanese Folklore

Yokai, those enigmatic beings of Japanese folklore, have long danced at the edges of human understanding, offering whispered explanations for the inexplicable. Picture them lurking in the shadowy corners of desolate mountain pathways, their presence invoked to rationalize the eerie whispers and inexplicable sensations that haunt travelers. Yet, their influence stretches far beyond mere ghost stories; these spectral denizens inhabit the very fabric of Japan’s rural landscapes, weaving themselves into the tapestry of its folklore. From quaint countryside hamlets to bustling towns, yokai lurk just behind the veil of what is real, their myriad forms inspiring generations of imaginative tales and cautionary whispers.