Yardley Hall

Time Event
10:30 am  Opening Ceremony
11:05 am Bradley Sisters
11:30 am Wichita Eisa (Okinawa Dance) 
12:15 pm Yoko Hiraoka and David Kansuke Wheeler 
12:55 pm Spiral Staircase Duo — Mai Tadokoro Hessel and Eric Hessel 
1:35 pm Aya Uchida & Jo Yamanaka
2:10 pm Denver Taiko
2:40 pm Denver Taiko Workshop
4:40 pm Aya Uchida & Jo Yamanaka
5:10 pm Spiral Staircase Duo — Mai Tadokoro Hessel and Eric Hessel
5:50 pm Yoko Hiraoka and David Wheeler
6:30 pm Denver Taiko


Polsky Theatre

Time Event
11:00 am TBD
11:40 am   John Lytton and Yoshiko Yamanaka — With David Kansuke Wheeler/Shakuhachi      
2:00 pm Tea Ceremony Demonstration – Yoko Hiraoka
3:30 pm John Lytton and Yoshiko Yamanaka
4:00 pm Martial Arts Demonstrations Introduction –John Drakey
4:05 pm Japan Karate-Do Ryobu-Kai – Kenjutsu — Fabio Rodriguez
4:25 pm Kansas City Kendo Club — Kendo — John Drakey
4:50 pm Aikijuku Dojo – Aikido — Neil Segal
5:10 pm Three Trails Taiko (with Ki-Daiko)
5:10 pm Welcome Mat Sumo Club — Sumo — Andre Coleman
5:30 pm Welcome Mat Sumo Club — Judo — Andre Coleman
5:50 pm Aikido — William Perkins
6:30 pm Cosplay Contest


Recital Hall

Time Event
10:30 am Sharing Japanese Culture Through Aikido: The Way of Harmony – Dr. Neil Segal  
11:50 am   Kimono Demonstration — Sachie Stroder and Miyako Fraley  
1:10 pm Tohoku Daishinsai: Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster — Cindy Parry
2:30 pm Samurai Influence on Modern Japanese Business Practices – Matt Dobbins
3:50 pm The Traditions of Dyeing and Embellishing Kimono — Sarah Oliver


Carlsen Center

Location Time Event
 1st Floor Lobby    
   All Day  Torii Gate Entry
   All Day Ikebana Display
   All Day  Box Office
   All Day  Japan Related Organizations
   All Day  Festival Sponsors
   All Day  Festival T-shirt Sales
   All Day  Performer’s CD Sales
   12:45 pm &
 5:00 pm
 Children’s Mikoshi Parade (Starts from the Torii Gate)
 Room 124  All Day  Japanese Cultural Village – Samurai and Kimono Portraits
 Room 128  All Day  Japanese Cultural Village — Bazaar
 2nd Floor Lobby  All Day  Bonsai Society of Greater Kansas City – Bonsai and Suiseki Display
 Room 219
(Hallway Alcove)
 All Day Oriental Supermarket
 Room 211  All Day  Japanese Candy Artist – Miyuki Sugimori
 Room 212    
   11:30 am  Samurai: Fact, Fiction and More Fiction – Dr. Maggie Childs 
   1:00 pm  Okinawa Dr. Dawn Gale and Dr. Deborah Williams
   2:30 pm  Shakuhachi Workshop – David Kansuke Wheeler
   4:00 pm  TBD – Dr. Dawn Gale and Dr. Deborah Williams
 Room 216 11:00 am thru 6:00 pm  The Games of Go and Shoji – Steve Woodsmall & The Four Dragons Go Club (Daniel Gentry)
 Room 224    
   11:00 am  Japanese Garden Design — Koji Morimoto 
   12:30 pm  “Miniature Trees”: An introduction to the Ancient Art of Bonsai — Kathy Schlesinger
   2:00 pm  Lost Voices: The Ainu of Northern Japan — Dori White
   3:30 pm  Japanese Garden Design — Koji Morimoto
 Room 232  All Day  Independence Sister City Bazaar, Yoki, other vendors TBD
 Room 234  All Day  Heart of America Japan-America Society Bazaar
 Room 314    
   11:00 am  Japanese Conversation Workshop — Kazuyo Rumbach
   12:30 pm  Kanji Made Easy — Tracie Whiting-Kipper 
   2:00 pm  Japanese Conversation Workshop — Kazuyo Rumbach 
   3:30 pm  Introduction to Reading Japanese — Tracie Whiting-Kipper
 Room 316  All Day  Milky Minute and Sew-it-All Creations
 Room 318  All Day    Anime Showings
 Room 319  All Day  Far East Emporium
 Room 323  All Day  Studio Tip-Top and Pew-Pew Studios
 Room 324   All Day  All Anime
 Room 325  All Day  Page Mage Manga Library
 Room 329  All Day  Fir3h34rt Studios 
 Room 332  All Day  Naka-Kon
 Room 338  11:00 am thru 6:00 pm  Making Paper-doll Bookmarks Based on the Japanese Friendship Doll – Friendship Doll Information — Noriko Gordon
 Room 344  All Day  Video Gaming
 Room 352    
   11:00 am  Origami – “Unfolding the Basics — Kotoko Nakata-Grass 
   12:30 pm  Temari — Lolly Buxton
   2:00 pm  Origami – “Unfolding the Basics — Kotoko Nakata-Grass
   3:30 pm  Wrapping with Furoshiki: Eco-Friendly Japanese Art in Everyday Life — Dr. Ayako Mizumura 


Regnier Center

Location Time Event
 CapFed – Food Court     
   11:00 am thru 6:oo pm   Japanese Food Served 
   12:00 pm  Wichita Okinawa Eisa
   12:30 pm  Aya Uchida & Jo Yamanaka with Fujiko Morita
   1:15 pm  TBD
   2:00 pm  Aya Uchida & Jo Yamanaka with Fujiko Morita
 Atrium – First Floor  All Day  Ikebana Display
 Room 175    
   11:00 am  Calligraphy Workshop — Naoko Nadtochiy 
   12:30 pm  Shibori Dyeing For Children — Sarah Oliver
   2:00 pm  Calligraphy Workshop — Yayoi Shinoda
 Hudson Auditorium    
   8:15 am  Teacher’s K-14 Workshop (Preregistration required)  
   11:00 am  The Samurai Sword – Earle Brigance 
   12:30 pm  The Samurai Sword – Earle Brigance 
Room 270 (The Cube) All Day Exhibits (Kimono, Obi, Samurai Armor, Japanese Dolls, Dioramas of Famous Japanese Sites, Tearoom and Garden, Samurai Swords)



Time Event
All Day   Sumo Suits
All Day  Japanese Landscape Exhibit 


Library Plaza (Outside)

Time Event
11:30 am   Okishikan — Okinawan Kenpo 
1:00 pm  Jinmukan Japanese Sword School — Kenjutsu 
2:00 pm  Kansas City Kendo Club — Kendo