East Asia History and Culture for Teachers Workshop for K-12 Educators

(Attendance by Invitation Only)
Dianne Daugherty and Ayako Mizumura
Kansas Consortium for Teaching about Asia at the University of Kansas

“Cultivating a Positive Classroom Climate with Bushido (Way of the Warrior)”

Contrary to their image as rough warriors, Japan’s elite samurai also demonstrated a softer side by training in the cultural arts and establishing schools (terakoya) for commoners during the Edo period (1603-1868). The code of Bushido became the basis for teaching ethics in Japan with principles that are still relevant today.

As expectations and challenges for educators continue to rise, fostering a classroom climate that cultivates respect, self-awareness, compassion, and courage can establish a foundation on which instruction and discovery can thrive for all students. In this workshop, educators will gain insights and understanding about the samurai and Bushido by adapting modern interpretations of the code to everyday life in the classroom and beyond.

Workshop objectives: Educators will be able to gain an expanded understanding of the Bushido lifestyle and social structure that blossomed during the Edo period. Through this exploration, educators will be able to apply concepts from Japanese cultural and martial arts to establish and enhance a classroom climate of cooperation, respect, and empathy.

The Kansas Consortium organizes this workshop for Teaching about Asia at the University of Kansas with support from the Greater Kansas City Japan Festival.

This presentation is aligned with KSDE Social Studies Standards for high school world history but will benefit all educators interested in learning more about contemporary Japan.

(Pre-registration required)