We have two musical workshops at this year’s Japan Festival.

Musical workshop admittance is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so please proceed to the assigned room prior to the schedule start time. The scheduled time and room assignments are still being solidified. Please check back!

Yosakoi Dance Workshop with the K-State Yosakoi Dance Group

Aerobic dance moves based on Japanese folk dances with jazzed-up Japanese music. It is fun, it is energizing and it burns calories. Join members of the K-State Yosakoi group and become a fan of this wonderful and popular dance form. (Limit: 20, but spectators are welcome.)

Taiko Drum Workshop with Denver Taiko

Learn all about Taiko drumming from the experts, members of Denver Taiko. This is a hands-on workshop for those wanting to learn the basics of Taiko drumming. (Limit: 15, but spectators are welcome.)