The Greater Kansas City Japan Festival Committee thanks all of our very generous contributors who make our Festival a reality. Without their financial support it would not be possible to hold this great event for the Greater Kansas City area. We would like to thank the following donors for their contribution to the 2016 festival.

Festival Co-Sponsor

Johnson County Community College


Yokozuna Sumo Grand Champion

Molle Toyota

United Airlines

Ozeki Sumo Champion

All Nippon Airways
Henderson Engineers, Inc.

Sanyaku Sumo Grand Master

Consulate General of Japan at Chicago
Miller & Company P.C.
Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Arts

Sekiwake Sumo Grand Champion

Agrex, Inc.
Ash Grove Cement Company
Capitol Federal
Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Kawasaki Motors Mfg. Corp USA
United Instruments, Inc.
Jo and Yoshiko Yamanaka

Sekiwake Sumo Champion

Gunze Plastics & Engineering Corp. of America
KC Japan Circle Sakura
James Steele

Komusubi Sumo Grand Champion

IHI Inc.
KU Center for East Asian Studies
Dr. Douglas and Mizuki McGregor

Komusubi Sumo Champion

South K.C. Shotokan, LLC (Eric Banks)
Warren and Kozue Beyer
Dr. Ruth Chiga
Jane Drury and Russ Amos
Carolyn Kadel
Jim and Lydia Kanki
Allen and Terry Kipper
Drs. David Kreiner and Atsuki Mori
Denny Kurogi
David and Hiromi Lessman
Eric and Mindy Looney
John Matthews
Gary and Ann Modrcin
Hiroko Nichols
Ohio Kimono
Jen Postlewait
Bob and Kazuyo Rumbach
Howard and Lou Snyder
Sachie Stroder
Masami and Eunice Willis
Patty Woods and Mickey Coalwell
Steve and Tami Woodsmall
Kansas City Japanese School
Francis and Charlene Lemery


David Albrecht
Robert and Hiroko Bray
Catherine Browder-Morris
Dustin and Kaori Dye
Dennis Fithen and Karin Frank
Michiko Gross
Jack and Chris Haden
Kaoru Harvey
Nobuko Kawase
Pat Knott
Gary Lucas and Jo Anne Gibson-Lucas
Carole Owsley
Martin and Kyoko Peters
Deepak and Rohini Phadke
Hideko Schackmann
Mike and Leslie Sciolaro
Chris and Mayumi Wagner
Chris Steineger and Shari Wilson
Susan Ikazaki
Dianne and Jerry Daugherty

Participating Organizations Listed in Alphabetical Order

After School Judo Club
Bonsai Society of Greater Kansas City
Center for East Asian Studies, University of Kansas
Consulate General of Japan at Chicago
Denver Taiko
Four Dragons Go Club
Heart of America Japan-America Society
Heartland Japan Exchange and Teaching Program Alumni Association (JETAA)
Japanese Landscaping – Koji Morimoto
Johnson County Community College International Education
K-State Yosakoi Dance Group
K.C. Kite Club
Kansas City Japanese School
Kansas City Kendo Club
Ki Daiko
LCI at Park University
Mid-American Asian Culture Association
Midland Ki Society
Olathe Northwest Robotics Team – FIRST 1710
Ottawa Suzuki Strings
Ryukyu Kenpo
Three Trails Taiko
University of Kansas Center for East Asian Studies
Zanshin Aikido School
And many talented and dedicated groups and individuals.